Angelo has been teaching guitar to my 9 year old son for almost a year now. Callum has grown in confidence during the year and has really fallen in love with playing the guitar and is now working towards his Grade 1 exam.

Angelo is supportive and patient with Callum and he responds to his approach very well.

It's an added bonus that Angelo comes to the house to teach, and he is flexible where he can be when we have to change the time of the lesson at the last minute.

I would highly recommend Angelo as a guitar teacher.




Mr A Berte gave my son Philip, individual tuition in both Mathematics and Guitar.

I can confirm that Mr Berte was at all times professional, efficient and effective with a pleasing manner. My son has become an accomplished guitarist and plays for pleasure and he achieved "A" grades at AS level and A2 level in Mathematics.

I would highly recommend him to you.

Barbara Walker




Angelo has been teaching me guitar now for two months. I have found him very friendly and very enthusiastic also he has been very patient as before these lessons I had never picked up a guitar before.

10/10 recommended.




Angelo has taught my son the guitar for the last six years, Christopher has achieved levels 1-6 RGT Guitar in this time all at distinction level.

Angelo has also tutored two of my children for maths prior to their GSCSE exams and will be tutoring my daughter next year as well.

This was very successful and gave the boys greater confidence in their abilities prior to their exams.

Angelo is an exceptional teacher; he is supportive and encouraging and has shown great dedication toward teaching Christopher the guitar in order to get him to university to study music. Angelo has been a role model for Christopher, who would himself like to teach music.

I am pleased to supply this reference as Angelo has been fundamental in Christopher's development as a musician and without his support and guidance Christopher would not have achieved his goal at such a high level.

Dinah Bird



Angelo has been teaching my 12 year old daughter the guitar for eight months, and she is very pleased with the progress that she has made. Angelo is always friendly and polite.

Helen Davies - Southam




I am 37, and had never played a musical instrument until 2 years ago. I started playing guitar, and Angelo has taught me from day 1.

He has been very patient, and has coached me to good level of competence in both acoustic and electric guitar. It has been at my own pace, and accommodating the types of music that I enjoy - from classical pieces, through to Metallica!

Ian Hall



I have found Angelo to be a patient, thoughtful yet challenging teacher who has helped to bring Ollie’s playing on greatly.

Jeremy Lawrence – Leamington Spa



Our son (aged 17) has been having guitar lessons for two years and in that time we have seen such an improvement, not only in his ability but also in his confidence. We would definitely recommend Angelo to anyone thinking of having lessons.

Marc & Judy Dyson – Leamington Spa



I have been having guitar lessons with Angelo for the last 3 years. Having started out as a true “beginner” with no musical experience at all, I now have a grasp of rhythm, am able to play a variety of different chords and tackle new pieces with confidence.

Angelo’s teaching style is very relaxed and informal and he immediately makes you feel at ease and fills the lessons with fun. He is extremely flexible and focussed on ensuring that his students enjoy the lessons and make progress at their own level meeting their individual requests.

Angelo also tutored my daughter in maths during her GCSE year and enabled her to achieve a pass which she would have been very challenging for her had she not had his support. I would highly recommend Angelo as a tutor in both guitar and maths.

Mark Morris



Angelo is a brilliant guitarist who can teach a variety of styles - Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Classical etc. He has taught two members of our family and dramatically improved our playing, both through musical theory and specific attention to particular songs. Being able to play the solo to Led Zeppelin's 'Since I've been loving you' has been one of the highlights! Whether a beginner, more experienced, playing for fun or moving through the grades, I would strongly recommend Angelo as a guitar teacher.

Roger Fagge



Angelo has taught my son the guitar for the past 4-5 years and more recently 'A' level maths. Both Daniel and I have always found Angelo very thorough, friendly, pleasant, approachable and reliable. He has worked hard with Daniel and encouraged him to do well. Under Angelo's guidance and tutorage Daniel attained a good 'A' level result which enables him to gain his place at University reading physics and astronomy.

I have no reservations in recommending Angelo as a personal tutor for maths or guitar.

Sonia Bettels



Angelo has taken our son Christopher through grades in classical guitar from grade 2 to grade 8, grade 8 being a distinction.

Angelo is happy to work with Christopher's personal tastes and had also covered aspects of blues, jazz and popular music.

Angelo makes sure that Christopher goes over all aspects of the grades and is very patient.

We are very pleased with the progress Christopher has made which has enabled him to go on to university to study music.

Susanne Wood



Angelo has been a wonderful tutor for our son, Jack. Angelo started teaching him guitar when he was 5, he is now turning 11 and still loves his lessons. Angelo has helped Jack achieve distinction in each of the classical guitar grades one to four and is now working on grade five with him. In addition, Angelo has introduced Jack to a range of genres and playing styles and given him a love of the blues! I would thoroughly recommend Angelo!




Angelo Berte tutored my son for his IGCSE in Maths in Year 11. Without Angelo’s gentle, understanding and thorough approach this would not have been realised.
Angelo has also tutored Richard for the past three years in both Classical and Acoustic Guitar, greatly enhancing his lessons received whilst at school. Once again Angelo’s superb approach and commitment culminated in my son gaining a distinction at Grade 8.
My son is due to start a degree in Songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music in London in September. Angelo has made an important contribution towards the achievement of this goal.
I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a first class tutor.

Yvonne Fairlie – Warwick